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CD "The Flow Of Love - Solo Piano"


15 Piano Songs in neoclassical style, relaxing and 
touching New Age Music, inspired by nature, 
travelling the world and own deep feelings,
composed, performed and produced by Dagmar Krug.

The CD is available as direct order by email  for 20 € plus shipping.


For prelistening of the piano songs click on the link below:




Piano Sheet Music from the CD


Piano songs No. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 12 available as pdf-Download for 5,60 € each.


The Piano Sheet Music is available as direct order by email. 




Private Concert at your Home


Her music can be experienced live as a private concert at your home. You can also book her for weddings, birthday parties, company events and a new type of concert, the event "Piano Music & Astrophotography" where her music is optically accompanied by fascinating astrophotographs. 
The price depends on the duration and the location.
For inquiries and individual offers contact her by email.




Photo Cups



Beautiful photo cup with a portrait  of Dagmar Krug,

perfect for cold and hot drinks.


Order by e-mail for 20 € plus shipping,

payment by Paypal or bank transfer.



Set of three photo cups with different beautiful portraits of Dagmar Krug.


Order by e-mail for 50 € plus shipping,

payment by Paypal or bank transfer.


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Customer reviews:


"Dagmar Krug has a rare gift, indeed. Her Flow of Love CD showcases her diverse talents as both a composer and performer, flipping seamlessly from atonal angst to sweet melodies that flow like a mountain stream. Whatever your preferred genre, you'll enjoy this collection." Jonathan Hale, Texas


"The Flow of Love! Wonderful composition for the soul. Beautiful, breathtaking, passionate deep into the soul of love. Your music caresses the soul! Brilliant, exceptional and inspiring in my work. You take me to where I need to go and release myself into the imagination of bliss. Thank you for so many inspiring moments." Harry Martinez, Florida


"Wow! What an exceptional collection of compositions written and performed over the last few years. Dagmar has that special insight into what music is and where it can go. Not many have that. As brilliant technically some are, they can only play their interpretations of what has been before them. Though how good that can be, one (as I do), craves the true ability of the musician as an original composer to deliver what has never been heard before.. Dagmar has not only accomplished this, she has indeed excelled. Each track is unique - uninfluenced by the other. 
From the first track “I Take Your Hand – Wedding Song” to the brilliantly structured, executed and rightly titled “The End” one is immersed in musical brilliance that after the first play just has to be played again.

Dagmar asked me which track is my favourite. Still as hard that is to pick after listening to the brilliance of such tracks as ‘Melancholia’, ‘Losing my Mind’, ‘Dreaming’,’ Loneliness’, and the epic ‘Piano Fantasy’, I still have to sit with the title track ‘The Flow of Love’. For some reason this piece has a profound effect on me emotionally that I can’t quite put into words. I can quite rightly say it is one of the best pieces of music I have ever heard.
Have a listen here…. and I highly recommend you contact Dagmar personally for a copy of the album.

Well done Dagmar. You have indeed excelled and should stand proud. Bravo." Matthew Trayling, Australia

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