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The Flow Of Love - Solo Piano
15 Piano Songs in neoclassical style, relaxing and 
touching New Age Music, inspired by nature, 
travelling the world and own deep feelings,
composed, performed and produced by Dagmar Krug.

The CD is available as direct order by email 
via contact button above for 20 € plus shipping.
Prelistening via video below.



Customer reviews:


"Dagmar Krug has a rare gift, indeed. Her Flow of Love CD showcases her diverse talents as both a composer and performer, flipping seamlessly from atonal angst to sweet melodies that flow like a mountain stream. Whatever your preferred genre, you'll enjoy this collection." Jonathan Hale, Texas


"The Flow of Love! Wonderful composition for the soul. Beautiful, breathtaking, passionate deep into the soul of love. Your music caresses the soul! Brilliant, exceptional and inspiring in my work. You take me to where I need to go and release myself into the imagination of bliss. Thank you for so many inspiring moments." Harry Martinez, Florida

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